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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Communism and Feminazism have several features in common

Communism and Feminism: Two sides of the same coin
Communism and Feminazism have several features in common.

1. Identification of an "evil" oppressor element and a "poor, innocent, hapless" oppressed element.

Communism: All rich people are evil and exploit the poor.
Feminazism: All men are evil and exploit the women.

2. Persecution of the "evil oppressor" to bring relief to the "oppressed".

Communism: Castrate the rich people and force them to be poor by taxing them very heavily, with draconian punishments including imprisonment for any protests against the taxation policies.
Feminazism: Castrate the men and force them to be henpecked by taking away their very basic rights, with draconian punishments (False 498A/DV charge) for any attempt to assert their individuality.

3. The end justifies the means.

Communism: It's OK to take away the wealth of the rich people even if they have worked hard to earn it. We need to attain equal distribution of wealth at whatever cost, even if it means robbing the rich to pay the poor.
Feminazism: It's OK to terrorize the men and imprison them even if they are honest and innocent. We need to attain emancipation of women at whatever cost, even if it means castrating the men.

4. Guilty until proven innocent.
Communism: Rich people are crooks, and it's perfectly fine to assume a rich person to be a crook. The burden of proof that he's not evil is upon him and poor people bear no liability for persecuting an innocent rich person.
Feminazism: Men are crooks, and it's perfectly fine to assume a man to be a crook. The burden of proof that he's honest and innocent is upon him and women bear no liability for persecuting an innocent man.

And now for the Ace of Trumps....

Communism: CPI(M) headed by Prakash Karat
Feminazism: NCW headed by Brinda Karat

Does this ring a bell? Well, why wouldn't it? They are husband and wife after all!

I rest my case :-)
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