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Tuesday, February 6, 2007
The Hindu Newspaper May Be Owned By A Muslim In Brunei

"The Hindu" Newspaper May Be Owned By A Muslim In Brunei.

There is an old saying in India . There can never be smoke without fire. Similarly there can never be a rumor without some facts to start with. The hot rumor now doing the rounds among a small group of lawyers in the Chennai High Court is that The Hindu newspaper has been purchased by a muslim from the Islamic kingdom of Brunei. Lawyers are usually the first to come across such news as documents have to be scrutinized before a purchase and paper work have to done at the office of the Registrar of Companies.

Ever since the present government at the center allowed Foreign Direct Investment in the media upto a maximum of 25 %, rich muslims in foreign countries have been eyeing the newspapers and magazines published in India. In the case of The Hindu it is further rumored that the remaining 75 % of the shares is held by a local muslim who is a benami of the muslim in Brunei.

The three stinking rich ,brahmin Marxist brothers N.Ravi, N.Ram and N.Murali and their uncle Kasturi Rangan are merely dummies, or should I say, dhimmis of the muslim from Brunei and his benami in India. N.Ram, who is also the editor of Frontline, an out and out pro-China magazine, is a womanizer par-excellence. Trapping him in a room of a five-star hotel with a five-star prostitute and video-taping the proceedings will be childs play for these muslims. This is standard muslim practice. We have seen them do this in totally unconnected incidents in Britain, the Netherlands, USA and India. In these incidents the victims were highly educated Hindu women who were then forced into prostitution by their muslim ?lovers? in whom they had put all their trust. In the case of N.Ram the video-tape could have been used to arm-twist the family to part with the newspaper. All the three brothers have daughters who too could have been video-taped.

It seems that the muslim in Brunei has been in control of The Hindu for the last one year. It is only now that some documents are being scrutinized for the legal transfer of shares. The payment for the remaining 75 % could have been made into the Swiss Bank. N.Ram?s first wife is a Swiss woman. He recently divorced her and married a Christian woman from Kerala who is half his age. It is only recently that N.Ram has started a big school of journalism in Chennai.

All the three Marxist brothers and their uncle continue to hold their posts. This is done to fool the p-sec Hindus who subscribe to this newspaper. If this rumor is true, which I think it is, then it explains very clearly why The Hindu is the mother of all anti-Hindu newspapers. This also explains why The Hindu is frequently quoted by the Pakistani press. Once again an entire nation of Hindus is being taken for a ride and they are being led by the nose by a muslim sitting somewhere in the tiny Islamic kingdom of Brunei.

I have already made arrangements for investigating the matter and getting to the truth about the ownership of this newspaper. The involvement of the Nawab of Arcot, a close friend of N.Ram and a side-kick in his nightly adventures, has also got to be investigated. The post of Nawab of Arcot was created by the British to introduce a muslim royal family where none existed. The south was predominantly Hindu and the British needed a muslim ?royal? family to protect their interests. The present Nawab of Arcot continues to receive government pension, free electricity and free phone connection for his palace Amir Mahal in the heart of Chennai city. On the other hand Indira Gandhi abolished all pensions and benefits to Hindu kings. During Karunanidhi?s regime it was standard practice to invite this ?nawab? for all government functions in which the chief-guest was a visiting foreign dignitary. But during Jayalalithaa?s rule this man is not invited and he keeps a very low profile. A separate investigation will have to be done on this ?nawab? and the report submitted to the government.
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Why not we start our own TV channel ?

The only hindu tv channels we have are Bhajan channels and spirituality channels where we are taught to do yoga
and thinsg like that.And we are also taught how to bust stress.

We need a TV channel that deals specifically with hindu issues.

Now we dont need any big equipemnt to do that.Just commited journalists with cam corder , we visit places of disturbance and air the hindu point of view.We also record speeches and group discussions on serious issues and just upload the files to the Youtube or just email the link to them.Let people download our program and watch it.

People with camcorders should volunteer to take these movies and they should independently upload them or send it to an editorial team for broadcasting.

People must also use camera phones to conduct interviews.

We need to create big time awareness.In today's time with people having little or no time and poor reading skills , visual images and moving pictures ar the ebst way to communicate and raise awareness.We also need to make powerpoint presentations and distribute it through email , regarding key events.

Whenever israel bombs lebanon for self defence , the email boxes of everybody in this world are inundated with power point presentation of images of lebanese victims(usually taken out of context or doctored) who are civilians and the entire public opinion is swung in favour of the aggressing hizbollah guerrillas.

I have never seen a ppt of kashmiri pandits to this day.

We can also conduct sting operations and secretly visit muslim mohallas and record the daily events there so people will get to know what the muslim mindset is all about !
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