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Saturday, October 20, 2007
Panchajanya: Can u hear it?

A HINDU MUST RISE..............
(PANCHAJANYA - When the great battle Mahabharata was about to be waged in Kurukshetra, a conch was blown to strike terror into the hearts of the enemy)

Brand me as you please...... Hindu facist, Hindu terrorist or RSS. This time I am not going to lay low and take what is thrown at me. And this is just the beginning in trying to defend my way of life.
The RAM SETHU issue is the spark that is going to burn lot of people who are playing with it wrongly.

You can't fool all the people, all the time :
The first time i heard about RAM SETHU was a year ago when the government announced this ambitious project. It was called in Tamil as "SETHUSAMUDARAM thittam"(Note how RAM was dropped off from the project name by the DMK led Tamil Nadu government).
The way it was shown on SUN Tv made it seem like a desirable project for the betterment of the masses on the coastal area and for the country as a whole. Like millions I too was brainwashed and applauded the novel effort of the government with no prior knowledge on the history of the project. I got to know the actual facts from my niece when I had been to Tuticorin which is the centre point of the entire fiasco. The truth started to dawn on me slowly.
They need our votes not our thoughts
The pace at which the events have unfolded in the recent month has ascertained this fact. We are just needed to make up the numbers during the election after which our elected leaders will have a party at our expenses and we can't do a thing about it for 5 years!!!! It was happening in front of us:
1. The sudden love affair between the centre and the state government to see to that the project starts full swing.
2. Our honourable CM of TN's propoganda on Sun TV news on how important the project is and it has been endrosed by the leaders of yesteryear.
3. The ruling party called a one day bandh to gratify their motives.
And all the time we just watched. And the icing on the cake was:

The statements issued by the central ministers. What would you expect from a government that is partly manipulated by foreign hand. How would someone of foreign origin would be able to understand a culture and a way of life that they were not born into?

Now it is upto the common man to defend his way of belief and thinking. It is upto us.

Dharmo rakshati rakshitah (dharma protects the protectors)

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman's is trying to bring the true story into light. To know the whole story
of RAM SETHU and to dispell the ignorance caused by our leaders please visit
Dr. S. Kalyanaraman's blog and the subsequent links posted in his blog. He is spearheading
in giving the exact facts of the project. It is worth your time.

See the presentation made by Dr. S.Kalyanaraman.

His blog is:

The very words that inspired Dr. S. Kalyanaraman "Dharmo rakshati rakshitah (dharma protects the protectors)" has inspired me to join his efforts. It has got no religion, race, caste or nationality bearing to it.

On a parting note, just reminded by a fable with which we all are grown up with: Once a saint adviced a snake which was a tyrant to mend its way. It took up the sage's advice and become a silent one. The people weren't afraid of it anymore and started to pick on it. Bruising and beating it up badly. Later the saint spotted the saint and was shocked to see it's poor state of affairs. He came to know the snake had become a docile and tolerant one. He said i asked you not to trouble others but I didn't tell you not to defend yourself. Go ahead defend yourself.

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