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Stand Up For Your Rights!!
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Change yourself, before complaining!!
It is a common thing that whenever a few friends sit together to discuss their country, India, they often comment that "This is what India, is! It will remain like this forever. If you try changing the system, the system changes you" so on and so forth. But, I don't think so. Agreed, the problem in our country is serious, but we contribute to it in equal amounts.The Western countries haven't been the same from the beginning. It's just that the people there are more civilised, responsible and caring. Not that we Indians are not responsible, caring and civilised, but we tend to take certain matters with a careless attitude and do not realise the importance of even a single drop in the ocean!!
For instance, the matter of hygiene. It is a fact known to mankind about the roads, other public places et al in our country. It is our careless attitude which makes us throw away the wrappers of eatables after consuming them, spitting betel leaves on the road after relishing their taste and worse still (but it's a fact) the pathetic, disgusting and gruesome(although i could go on) condition of the public urinals. It's just awfully shameless. Also, our politicians are known to be corrupt in their practises and dishonest. But, all of them are not like that. Many youngsters say that they would rather stay away from politics , that it's a "dirty game" and that it is a "gutter". But then, who would clean this gutter if everyone goes on dirtying it? We desperately need better, honest and responsible politicians at the moment.
We can do a lot, because we form a very important part of the "system". To begin with, we can swear not to litter the place, starting from our schools, colleges, neighbourhood, city ...
Whenever eating anything, let's make it a point not to throw it on the road. Throw it ONLY in a dustbin, there are many around, and if there isn't then take it back home and throw it there. But, DO NOT litter the roads etc. That goes without saying that we follow this policy regardless of the place, a theater or anything else. We need to be very serious about it ourselves.
Some also complain that the rules in our country are not so strong and the administrative machinery not domineering. But, do we seriously need rules to enforce on matters like personal hygiene? For instance, do we need the government to send us to the prison for not washing our hair atleast once a week, or anything like that. When we don't, why then do we need rules for the hygiene of our ambience?? Do we need the government to imprison us for littering the place, etc?? The fact that we are justifying our pathetic situation by laying the blame on the weak administration, proves that we are not really willing to do anything for improvement and lays stress upon our careless attitude. It is not really the rules which are weak, it is our mindset and will which is weak!
Coming to politics, the only solution I can think of to improve the political condition in our country is to be a part of it. Watching things from a distance and criticing is what anyone and everyone can do!! Greatness would be to take the responsibility and change it.
Let's change ourselves first, and then the task of changing the world would become easier! As soeone has rightly said, "You should be the change you wish to see in the world!" Let's promise not to use plastic, not to litter our country, and to speak up against the injustice done to any hapless soul. Nothing is impossible as the world itself says "I'm possible". So, speak up and make a move!!
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Saturday, August 26, 2006
The Constitution of India allowes a certain percent to be reserved for the backward classes in all walks of life, be it in institutions like IITs and IIMs or in the Parliament- the Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST) and the Other Backward Classes(OBC) to avoid their exploitation by the general category. It is also done so that the backward classes do not feel deprived of anything. But, recently the Parliament had passed a bill in favour of increasing the quota to 27% for the OBCs in elite institutions like IITs and IIMs. This surely comes as a move to divide us on the basis of caste and creed. Today, the percent of backward classes may not be much in the entire poplation. By saying that, I do not mean that if it is a small percent of people, they can be exploited. I mean, even if there is only person from that community we must do all we can to stop them from being exploited. I also mean that as their percent is relatively smaller than the general category, they already have the necessary quota they need. Simply increasing the quota for grabbing more seats is a real unjust act. By doing that, our political parties are only suppressing merit, because a desrerving candidate may not be able to get a seat in an institution due to "reservation". No one is depriving the backward classes of their rights. They already have the quota they need, and increasing it is worsening the situation for people from the general category.
What we need to do right now is to support all those engineers and doctors protesting from Delhi and Mumbai. The doctors cannot even protest properly expressing their dissatisfaction against the passing of such a bill. Because, if they stop checking their patients and strike, it is their duty as a doctor which would be questioned. We need to stand up against those violating our rights in the name of "governing" us. We ourselves need to change, to change the system, because WE ARE the system!! Stand up for your rights everyone and Speak out!!
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Change yourself, before complaining!!
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